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Waves Waves

Rated 4 / 5 stars

One thing I'm really digging about your waves are the white crests. The texturing on that particular part is pretty good, especially for that medium. I also like your use of colors outside of basic blues and greens. The sky is sorta lacking, but I only noticed that after studying it for a while. Overall, you have some great work up, and it's nice to see someone using traditional media. I look forward to seeing how you progress with the pastels because they're one of my favorites. Keep up the good work. :)

Seriousle responds:

thanks a bunch for the advice and compliments :) i've been struggling with sky because is i try and add any detail or highlight it find that it then detracts from the focal point, however, i agree that the blue i have in this one doesnt really stand out and the white break between the ocean and the sky is too large there is no clear horizon line that should be there :) i will be working on this in future pieces

Pirate Ship Colored and Framed Pirate Ship Colored and Framed

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love everything about this. The style, the colors, the composition, the details... Even the way you signed and dated it is fuckin' cool.

JackDCurleo responds:

Thank you, that's not actually my signature or the date it was done, this is for my cousin so that's his name and birthdate, my signature is on one of the octopus' tentacles.

Saint Meatbeard Saint Meatbeard

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okay, so I'm basically going to review your entire gallery because what I have to say about this piece (which is my favorite of all the things you've posted on Newgrounds) applies to pretty much every other piece of yours I've seen.

First of all, as far as composition is concerned, you make great use of your space. Where you include details and a background, they do not take away from the focal point, only enhance it and give it atmosphere to the max.

Your style is original, and yet most of your work carries a sort of familiarity and reminds me of some of the great classics. Even with this particular piece being a digital painting, it still appears traditional and has the "weight" of a traditional piece, if that makes sense. Your color schemes always do the subject justice, and in this piece I love the blue of the sky in contrast to the subtle red tones of the face.

Your subjects themselves range from perfectly ordinary, to the grotesque and utterly bizarre, but most of your work has this very subtle sense of horror that is just fantastic. I mean, really, I can't remember the last time an image gave me chills, but browsing your uploads today I was pleasantly disturbed by more than one piece. I think too many artists try to go for all-out gore, or delve so far into dark imagined scenarios and subjects that they lose touch with reality, whereas you actually manage a seamless blend between all of the above.

The lighting in this piece is just impeccable, and that applies to your other pieces as well. It's not overkill, and it sets the mood and brings out the subjects so perfectly.

Overall, I haven't got a single negative thing to say about your work. I am madly in love with your gallery, and you are an amazing artist I hope to see more from. There's a special place in my heart for your art (yes, even "Princess", lol). Fantastic job, and mad respect for you, man.

- J